Airline Compassion

Everett Lautin, M.D.

215 East 95th Street (Apt. 20J)

New York, NY 10128-4084

September 24, 2001

Letters to the Editor

The New York Times

229 West 43rd Street

New York, N.Y. 10036-3959

To the Editor:

Re: Airline compassion.

Thousands dead.  Injured few.  The hospitals waiting, ready, and able to treat victims that never came.  The weapons commercial airplanes used kamikaze style.  The terrorist fanatics are having their “finest” hour, rejoicing in our death and suffering.  Our stock market is crashing and our economy is sinking.  The businesses in New York City are suffering a loss of customers, dead or afraid.

And the airlines are bleeding money, firing employees, and flying nearly empty.  The passengers are not showing up.  They are scared.  The government is bailing out the airlines, keeping them aloft, for now.

And on the home front my associate is traveling to Texas for a few days to pray, to cry as her son goes off to war.  The price offered by the airlines, $2200.  She managed to find a lower fare, but still sky high.  The airplanes are empty.

Might I suggest that the airlines offer “at-cost” tickets to the close relatives of our nations soldiers who are about to go to war?  Might I suggest that they fill their empty seats with concern?  Might I suggest that the airlines dispense compassion to those relatives as the government dispenses cash to them?

As our buildings and our lives come under attack, it is time for the airlines to bring us together.


Everett M. Lautin