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September 11, 2001

The Twin Towers©

By Everett Marc Lautin

I was built of steel, I was built of stone,

I was built by men of flesh and bone.

They built me strong they built me tall,

A symbol of strength for one and all.

And from my ramparts you could see,

The city of modernity.

Thousands came and gazed in awe,

All marveled at what they saw.

Commerce was my bailiwick,

I helped the world when it was sick.

My congregations came from afar,

They made their fortunes and were my star.

All races, creeds, and religions were,

Under my roof all equal without a slur.

But things are not always as simple as they seem,

For sometimes men, can be obscene.

Then one fine day when the sun shone strong,

Something came that did not belong.

Some men of flesh and blood and bone,

Sent planes with fuel and speed alone.

They hit me once, they hit me twice,

Fires burned and I was filled with strife.

I tried to stand I tried to mend,

But it all was futile in the end.

I once was strong I once was tall,

Till one day I became nothing at all.

World Trade Center, Twin Towers, 911

July 4, 2001

Their last Independence Day. 

Majestic, proud, serene…

…and vulnerable.


The Magnificent Towers Rise Again©

By Everett Marc Lautin

And from my dust, and from my ashes,

Arose a structure, that none surpasses.

Arrow straight it pierced the sky,

And was most pleasing to the eye.

It rose with hope and a prayer,

That free men must always dare.

To rise above hate and terror,

Malevolence and human error.

For those of terror, malevolence, and malice,

Threw down a gauntlet, and destroyed a palace.

These jihad zealots who live off hate,

Must be forced to supplicate.

The price of freedom is always high,

Too many men had to die.

Heroes all they fought for the cause,

That right and justice must not pause.

Across the nation, around the globe,

Let freedom ring and hope unfold.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave,

A magnificent symbol to honor is raised.

A brilliant icon greets the rising sun,

A brave new era has now begun.

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