Gay Marriage

Everett Marc Lautin, M.D., DVCE

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February 10, 2004

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Re: The Battle Over Gay Marriage, by John Cloud (Pages 56-64), February 16, 2004

Dear Editor:

Should gays be allowed the holy sacrament of marriage? Is a couple contract sufficient, having the legal benefits without using the word “marriage?” What is marriage? The word is pregnant with meanings: love, lust, commitment, children. “Till death do us part,” no longer. The most common end of marriage is divorce. Religion aside, marriage is first and foremost a legal contract. The marriage vow is, “I love you, but I don’t trust you.” The real marriage penalty is divorce. “Acrimonious divorce,” and the two words are married to each other, can bankrupt you with legal fees, saddle you with years of aggravation, rob you of health, and even land you in jail. Should gays be allowed the “holy sacrament” of marriage? Why not? And God help them.

Everett M. Lautin, M.D., DVCE