Sea to Sky

Crescent Moon, Venus, Orion’s Belt

Fist of God

“Let there be light…”

The hand of God, a cloud, illuminates the Atlantic.
Ocean sunrise under dark cumulus clouds.

Fog shrouded sunrise

Sunset Dives

Fog obscurs sunrise in Boca Raton.
Birds dive towards the setting sun.

Stormy Weather

Time to seek shelter.
Ominous storm clouds threaten Boca Raton beach.
Where is Benjamin Franklin's kite?
Lightning, nature's fury, over Queens, NY. Triborough Bridge.
Sunset over yachts, Quogue, Long Island, New York.
Throg's Neck and Whitestone bridges. NYC from airplane.

New York World’s Fair 1965

New York State Pavilion at NYC World's Fair 1965
New York City World's Fair 1965
Isaac Newton creation
Prism rainbow. Thank you Isaac Newton.
Fiord in Israel
Pristine mountain lake.