NYC in Tears: COVID-19

“The Sidewalks of New York, COVID-19”

May 2020

By Everett Lautin

Eastside, westside,

All around the town.

The streets are sullen and empty,

Not a soul is to be found.

Boys and girls together,

Me and mammy O’Rourke.

We’re all quarantined together,

Off the sidewalks of New York.

We spend the time together,

In our dungeon of marital bliss.

But six weeks seems like forever,

And my wife’s begun to hiss.

We suffer the plague of corona,

We suffer economic collapse.

Many friends are dead or dying,

Off the sidewalks of New York.

Sunny spring day. Stores closed on fashionable Madison Avenue

No cars and few pedestrians. Madison Avenue

Freezer trailers for overflow of dead. Outside Lenox Hill Hospital.